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At the Hair Lab we pride ourselves in sanitation and disinfection practices. We go above and beyond SC State and CDC guidelines sanitizing tools, surfaces, and furniture between each client. We are also certified in COVID-19 prevention, bio hazard and blood clean up, and basic first aid. Not only are surfaces and tools sanitized between each guest, all touchable surfaces are also disinfected on the hour.

  • Masks are now optional at Hair Lab 

  • NO EXTRA PEOPLE AT THIS TIME, due to surges in variants and no mask mandate, we believe the safest option for all of us at this moment is to minimize the amount of people inside the salon space

  • The waiting area is well eqiupt for social distancing, if you would prefer to wait in your car just give front desk a ring that you have arrived and we will text you when your service provider is ready!

  • Please refrain from moving about the salon when not necessary, and touching products unless purchasing.

  • Hand sanitizer is available upon entering the salon we encourage you to use it when you enter!

  • If you have been exposed, or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home and reschedule your appointment. Cancelation fees are waived for COVID and a minimum of 14 days till reschedule will apply

  • Magazines and otherwise public domain items will not be provided in the salon to minimize touching/cross contamination

  • Single serve beverages and snacks are available, however we ask that you finish your refreshments or take them with you when you leave (if possible)

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